Getting Started on the Journey

This blog is about a journey to find a better way of living for almost anyone who enjoys a drink once in a while.  I call it the BoozeBlog because I hope it’s a catchy title and grabs your attention.  And it’s mainly about drinking and driving.  Maybe together we can find better ways to get around safely, especially if we’ve had a few.

I like to travel.  A good journey is just the greatest.  Whether by car, plane, bike or boat, going somewhere is the best.  Finding a better way is a journey too.

A couple of things about me might help make sense of what this “journey” business is about.  I like to get around.  The picture you see is a selfie of me flying a little airplane I own.  I have a big-bike Honda Goldwing and have had many motorcycles in the past.  There’s a Thunderbird sitting in my garage too.  So you see, I like to go places in fast machines.

There are a ton of people killed and hurt every year in traffic crashes.  I hate that.  Nobody deserves it, especially you.  And a lot of times it’s not the fault of the driver.  In fact, this blog isn’t about fault.  It’s about being smart; knowing your way around; finding other ways.  Over the next year or so, maybe with your help, I hope to figure some things out and come up with some solutions to this mess on the roads.

I’m not an engineer, I’m a long-time social worker, working on a doctorate in social work at Southern Cal.  I don’t have any solutions yet, hence the journey.  Let’s do this!

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